THE FAMOUS FLOWER OF SERVING MEN (Paranormal-England-Cont) – G+
Grabien, Deborah – 2nd in series
Thomas Dunne Books, 2004 – Hardcover

Penny Wintercraft-Hawkes heads a troupe of traveling actors. She is stunned when she inherits a run-down theatre, and the funds to renovate it, from an aunt she has only seen once and didn't know at all. But when she goes to survey her inheritance, she finds not only a theatre, but also the spirits of past lives, particularly one violent woman begging for a priest.

Ms. Grabien has a wonderful way of mixing history and music into a tense ghost story. I do wonder a bit, how many times she can make this formula work. But, there's a interesting cast of characters and well-done descriptions that add to the suspense. My only small complaint was the use of French without translation. But, for paranormal fans, it's a good read.

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