PUPPETS (Thriller-New York-Cont) – Poor Hecht, Daniel – Standalone
Bloomsbury, 2005-Paperback

Det. Mo Ford is called to a murder scene where the victim has been strung up like a puppet. The scene is identical to past murders. The only problem is the killer is in prison. Is this a copycat or someone on the inside with access to detailed information?

Warning: animals and humans are tortured in this book. But that's not why I rated it "poor." It's because I figured out, almost from the beginning, who was behind it all and after that, I really didn't care. There were red herrings trying to divert suspicion, chapters that took you into the killer's mind, a massive government conspiracy, a romance for the protagonist, and I still didn't care. In fact, I ended up skimming through most of the book. I've enjoyed other books by Hecht, but just can't recommend this one.

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