BLUETICK REVENGE (Private Investigator-Colorado-Cont) – VG Cohen, Mark – 2nd in series
Mysterious Press, 2005- Hardcover

Pepper Keane is a former Marine JAG, former founding partner of a Denver law firm and is now a PI for that firm. His former partner asks that he steal a bluetick coonhound from a biker gang leader in order to get the leader's wife to testify against him to the U.S. Marshals. But a dognapping turns into babysitting the witness, to trying to find her when she runs away, to perhaps finding the killer of Keane's bother years before.

I had read the first in this series, "The Fractal Murders," which I enjoyed, but this was even better. His style reminds me of the very best of Robert Parker--sense of place, great characters and dialogue—without the things which have begun to bother me. I very much enjoy the relationship Keane has with his friends, family, and even with the witness. There's no pretentiousness, or annoying girlfriend, but there is humor although people keep telling Keane he's not as funny as he thinks he is, good action and suspense. It was an exciting, enjoyable read.

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