FALL GUY (Amateur Sleuth-NYC-Cont) – G+ Benjamin,
Carol Lea – 7th in series (MG)

PI and dog trainer Rachael Alexander is named executor for the will of a man who attended her post-9/11 therapy group but barely spoke a word. It's now up to Rachael to contact the relatives and clear out the apartment of Policeman Tim O'Connor, who committed suicide—or did he.

I found the first half of this book a bit slow but interesting. The interesting characters, particularly Brody, the investigating policeman, Irving, O'Connor's neighbor upstairs, and Dashiell, Rachael's dog, kept me going. The story picked up in the second half picked up considerably and it became an interesting story of family secrets and guilt. At the end, I did quite enjoy it, but more for the characters than the plot.

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