Benedict, Meredith - THE PRACTICE OF DECEIT

THE PRACTICE OF DECEIT (Psychological Thriller-Scarsdale, NY-Cont) – G+
Benedict, Meredith - Standalone
Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005-Hardcover

Therapist Eric Lavendar was a confirmed bachelor until he met Colleen O'Brien. Suddenly he's married with a young stepdaughter, new baby, living in the suburbs, and happier than he imagined. When he suspects his wife is not exactly who he thought and begins investigating her past, he finds himself arrested and charged with abusing his stepdaughter.

This is suspense, not mystery—no body. It is an unusual and intriguing story that involved me at the first page and I read straight through. It wasn't as suspenseful as I'd have hoped in that the deceit unraveled fairly quickly. But it was very well written in the first person with humor and introspection from interesting and fully dimensional protagonist. Recommended.

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