FIRST DROP (Bodyguard-Florida-Cont) – VG Sharp, Zoe – 4th in series

Piatkus, 2004 – UK Hardcover – ISBN: 0479906618

Charlie Fox and her ex-lover, Sean, have been hired to protect a wealthy computer programmer and his 14-year-old son, Trey. While at an amusement park, someone tries to shoot Trey. Charlie get them safely back to the house, only to find everyone, including the father and Sean. Everything has been removed, except Sean’s gun. Charlie and Trey go on the run, not knowing who to trust, believing Sean is dead and knowing some of the bad guys are cops.

This is a book that is exciting from page one all the way through to the end. Charlie is a great character; she’s smart and tough but definitely has her demons. Trey is a very believable 14-year-old boy with all the insolence and naiveté teens can have. The action is fast, the emotions are true, the sense of place very well done—you definitely know they are in Florida—and the dialogue is true to the ear. This was a terrific book in a really good series.

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