THE SUMMER SNOW (Historical-Spain-1940s) – VG Pawel, Rebecca – 4th in series

Soho Crime, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN: 1569474087

Lieutenant Carlos Tejada comes to Granada with his wife and son after his wealthy grand aunt has died. She had been a querulous old lady always seeing conspiracies but Carlos finds she had been murdered. While trying to find his aunt’s killer, his wife, Elena, must deal with her in-laws disapproval of her while trying to keep their young son amused.

I so enjoy this series as much for the relationship of Tajada and his wife as for the mystery itself. It is not a perfect marriage. They were raised differently, and have very different political views which cause friction. In other words, it’s realistic. It’s interesting seeing Tajada in an environment where he is not in command of the men, but of the investigation, and where has to interrogate family members, including his father. This is a very good, character-driven story still with a very good mystery. I highly recommend this series.

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