THE LAST REFUGE (Amateur Sleuth-New York-Cont) – VG Knopf, Chris – 1st book

The Permanent Press, 2005- US Hardcover – ISBN: 157962118X

Sam Acquillo is unemployed; living on what money is left from his invention after his divorce, drinks too much and lives in a ramshackle cottage in Southampton, Long Island. He has also inherited the care of his elderly neighbor, Regina Broadhurst, and her house from his father. When Sam finds Regina dead in her bathtub he doesn’t believe it’s an accident and becomes administrator in order to investigate her death.

I can’t blame the author for the publisher’s lack of proofreading and editing, but it did detract from the book. The story, however, I loved. This is plot-driven story that seems simple but becomes more complex as it progresses. It shows the side of Southampton not inhabited by the wealthy, but the ordinary person. Having spent time in this area, I really enjoyed the setting. I wasn’t certain I liked Sam in the beginning, but he definitely grew on me as his history was unveiled. I very much enjoyed this first book and have his second ready to read and hope there will be many more books to follow.

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