BLOOD FROM A STONE (Police Procedural-Venice-Cont) – G+ Leon, Donna- 15th in series
William Heinemann, 2005- UK Hardcover

Commissario Guido Brunetti is investigating the murder of a street vendor; one of the many illegal immigrants from Africa who sell imitation designer handbags. What makes his death unusual is that it was a professional hit done in plain few of tourists. When Brunetti finds where the man had been living, he also finds a stash of uncut diamonds inside a box of table salt. Although Brunetti is told the case has been turned over to the Interior and Foreign Ministry, he continues to work the case.

Guido Brunetti is a strong family man with a realistic family life. I loved when Guido’s wife commented about marrying a man but getting his appetite. He is also a dedicated, ethical policeman who loves his city and believes in what he does, in spite of the corrupt system in which he must operate. It is these elements which made this book, and this series, one I really enjoy. However, I don’t feel this was the best book in the series. The pace was slow and I found the ending unsatisfying with threads left unresolved. But Leon has a wonderful style of writing that involves you in both the characters and the story.

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