RITUALS OF THE SEASON (Mystery-North Carolina-Cont) – G+
Maron, Margaret – 11th in series
Mysterious Press, 2005- Hardcover

Judge Deborah Knott is in the middle of plans for her wedding to Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant a little more than a week away. When the Assistant DA is killed from a gunshot while driving her car, secrets about the woman are uncovered, questions about the guilt of a woman on death row about to be executed are raised and the possible involvement of a fellow officer are suspect.

Maron does a wonderful job conveying the atmosphere and relationships of a small Southern town. I particularly love the dialogue with the local vernacular. She also handled the possible ethical problems of the relationship of a judge and a police officer well. Although I understand the reason for it, I didn’t care for the switch between the first- and third-person points of view. At times, I did feel the mystery is almost lost in the wedding plans and the family. It’s not, in my view, her best book, but it is still an interesting read and enjoyable addition to the series.

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