A KILLING NIGHT (Suspense-Miami/Philadelphia-Cont) – VG
King, Jonathan – 4th book
Dutton, 2006- Hardcover

Former copy Max Freeman has been asked by his former girlfriend, Detective Sherry Richards, to investigate someone Max worked with on the Philadelphia police force. Richards suspects O’Shea in a case of young, female bartenders who are disappearing. While for his friend, attorney Billy Manchester, Max is trying to protect immigrant workers who severely injured working on a cruise ship.

Once again King has provided a page-turning, non-stop read. His character development is subtle but has a way of making me feel invested in his characters and I have learned more about them with each book. I particularly liked Marci, one of the bartenders. Although I missed the Everglades in this book, King knows how to create a sense of place and particularly contrasts; in this case, Miami and Philadelphia. But it’s the suspense and accompanying twists, in this book, that stayed with me long after I closed the book.

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