FIFTH SON (Police Procedural-Ottawa, Canada-Cont) – Okay
Fradkin, Barbara – 4th in series
Rendezvous Press, 2004- Trade Paperback

Inspector Michael Green decides to go for a ride along with Sergeant Brian Sullivan to Ashford Landing where a man has been found dead at the bottom of a church tower. The death is a suspected suicide, but Green isn’t so certain. The body is, at first, unidentified but later believed to be one of the Pettigrew boys, a strange, dysfunctional family who used to live on a farm in the town. Figuring out which Pettigrew he is and why he dies proves harder than anyone imagined.

This is not my favorite of Fradkin’s books. There were a lot of characters and very little character development. I felt you’d have had to read previous books even to understand the protagonists. The plot was convoluted, overly complicated and relied heavily on a couple of coincidences. The dialogue was fine but very little sense of place was conveyed. It wasn’t a terrible read. I did get through it in a day, but that is the sense of it I had--simply getting through it.

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