THE JURY MASTER (Political Suspense-US-Cont) – G+
Dugoni, Robert – 1st novel
Warner Books, 2006- Hardcover

David Sloane is a highly successful defense attorney who suffers from migraines and a gruesome recurring nightmare. Joe Branick is a personal friend of the President of the United States who is found dead in a national park by apparent suicide. Retired CIA agent Charlie Jenkins is living quietly in Oregon until a file from Branick is delivered to him. Before he died, Branick also left two phone messages and sent a package to Sloan, but Sloan doesn’t know who he is. Sloan’s apartment is torn apart his elderly neighbor murdered, Sloan’s life is in jeopardy. The secret Branick left behind ties everyone together in a fight for their lives..

The title is a misnomer as the book has little to do with juries. There are a lot of characters and it took a bit for me to keep them all straight. The chapters are quite short. Sometimes, annoyingly short. I am not being a huge fan of political thrillers, but I definitely became involved with the characters, caught up in the suspense and loved the twist at the end. This is Dugoni’s first novel and it wasn’t perfect, by any means, but it was exciting and compelling. I shall definitely watch for his next book.

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