THE COLOR OF LAW (Legal Thriller-Los Angeles-Cont) – G+ Gimenez, Mark – 1st book
Anchor Books, 2005- Paperback

Corporate Attorney A. Scott Finney has it all; he was a college football star, now a highly successful lawyer with the beautiful wife, smart daughter, living in a huge home with three high-end cars making lots of money. After giving a bar association speech, Scott is asked by a federal court judge to take on a criminal case of a young heroin-addicted prostitute accused of murdering the son of a Senator with White House ambitions. What Scott first believes will be a simple plea-bargain for his client becomes much more complicated and live altering when the accused insists she is innocent.

Mark Gimenez debut is a definite page turner. The characters were interesting although, for the most part, stereotypes of the worst types, but that doesn’t mean such people aren’t real. The plot is implausible. Not being a lawyer, I can’t speak to the legal aspects. It was, however, a thoroughly engrossing, entertaining read. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon or airplane book.

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