Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Nag - NR Definitely the weakest of the series – 11th in series

Buchanan, Edna - Margin of Error - G 5th in series - Not as good as some of her others

Cornwell, Patricia - Unnatural Causes - G 8th in series - Better than many recent reads, but still left loose ends

Donaldson, D.J. - No Mardi Gras for the Dead - Sold Okay, but inconsistant, too light - won't read more

Glass, Leslie - Hanging Time - Sold Couldn't finish

Hautman, Pete - Short Money - Sold Kept thinking it would improve -- it didn't

Jance, J.A. - Skeleton Canyon - G 5th Joanna Brady - Like the characters although the plots could be deeper

Kijewski, Karen - Kat Scratch Fever - Ex 1997 HM – 9th in series - Best in a long time

Lehane, Dennis - Sacred - Ex 1997 Top Ten List – 3rd in series - Not as dark as first two, but excellent

Lorden, Randy - Father Forgive Me - Sold Lesbian PI- More character than plot, good but won't read more

Maxwell, Evan - Season of the Swan - Ok Romance by a man, like the Fiddler & Fiora books better

McGarrity, Michael - Tularosa - VG Good character, even though plot needed beefing up, would read more

Meltzer, Brad - Tenth Justice - Sold Thought the main character stupid, couldn't finish

Meredith, D.R. - Murder by Reference - G Rather light but enjoyable, interesting characters, will read more

Michael, Barbara - Houses of Stone - G Well written, but I keep expecting more suspense, romance, something

O'Connell, Carol - Stone Angel - Ex 1997 Top Ten List – 4th in series - Best since her first

Outland, Orland - Death Wore a Smart Little Outfit - Sold No real plot, "who cares" characters

Peters, Elizabeth - Night Train to Memphis - G Vicki Bliss-entertaining but, as with all Peters leads, lead a
bit overbearing

Warner, Penny - Dead Body Language - Sold Too cute to bear, ends every chapter as a minor cliff hanger

Zukowski, Sharon - Jungleland - G 5th in series - Not as good as some of the others, but good

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