Everyone Heard Her Scream

Yes, I did scream when I saw my debut book—No One Heard Her Scream—already available on Amazon.com for presale. Check it out for yourself. I did. (Authors are strange. Alert the media.)

I’ve also got links on my webpage at www.jordandane.com

As things develop, I hope to have more booksellers listed for presale and the other two books in my first series with Avon HarperCollins will also be made available for presale.

Normally, I wouldn’t expect presales to happen until 3-4 months prior to release (my debut book comes out April 2008), but Amazon has got my book out there—TEN MONTHS EARLY. Very cool!


To christen the launch of my first book on presale, I hope to have a contest posted on my website soon (after I get back from a writers conference in Dallas next week). Anyone on my mailing list will be entered. So stay tuned!

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