DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 11 - July 26

Today was the first significant flight delay of the tour, from Seattle to San Francisco. Maybe the Gods really are trying to tell me I belong back in the Pacific Northwest.

I rode in a Prius for the second time on the tour, this time to Ed Kaufman's wonderful M is for Mystery. Our very own FriscoSpice from the message board was there, proving that she is indeed a stand up comedian.

Tomorrow the husband and the Duffer will meet me in Portland. It's the Duffer's first plane ride, so if you see on a news ticker that a French Bulldog escaped from his travel bag and had to be taken down in the aisles by passengers, you'll know whose dog it is. I shall be taking a few days off for the weekend before the Portland reading on Monday. If you're in Portland, I'm supposed to be on AM Northwest on Monday.

Here's a picture that proves Ed Kaufman never ages, Michael has a cool t-shirt, and I need a new camera.

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