I had some great news that I can now share: my short story Convivium will be published by that most illustrious of noir e-zines, Hardluck Stories (founded by Crimespace member and noir man-about-town Dave Zeltserman).

It's an appetizer before the main course (don't worry--no honeyed dormice) and takes place four years earlier (79 AD) than the events of Nox Dormienda.

I'm proud and happy to be a part of Hardluck Stories. I wrote this story rather recently, as a reentry into short fiction (it's been a long, long time). I hope you like it enough to develop a taste for Roman Noir.

Of course, for snippets of Nox Dormienda, you can always check my website. Audio selections from the book will be there soon. And if the Author Showcases are still on for Bouchercon, I'll be reading in Alaska ... no Latin required!

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