"Living Historians" to appear at Book Launch Party

The Book Launch Party for "The First Wave" will be 9/2/07, Lyme Public Library, Lyme, CT, at 3:00 p.m.
Since the series takes place during WWII, I thought it would be interesting to find some WWII Reenactors to attend, in combat and dress uniforms of the period. Turned out it was suprisingly easy to find them close by (the preferred term is Living Historian, but reenactor is also used and widely understood). We'll have two or three fellows from the 26th Infantry Division (Reenacted), otherwise known as the Yankee Division, since it was comprised of National Guard outfits from all New England states.

We will have the usual wine and cheese fare, but also North African food, since the novel takes place in Algeria, and Guinness, since Billy Boyle is Irish, and because Guinness Is Good For You.

If you're local, drop in!

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