Interview with Toni LoTempio

August 20, 2007

What do you think of Tarot cards? I used the Tarot as a theme in my novel, Bound by Blood. I had to learn to read them. I find them fascinating.

Would you ever consider using Tarot cards as a way to inspire your creativity? - I have--and I consult them often. Some of the things have happened.

Have you ever gone to a psychic and had your cards read? What happened? - I had a dear friend, Sally, who was a psychic. She passed of cancer at age 62, but it's amazing how much of what she's said in readings has happened - sometimes after a few years!

Have you ever seen anything you'd describe as supernatural? - Lots of things - and I definitely believe in angels, spirits and life after death.

What is one of your newest writing goals? - to get an agent, and to be published by a mainstream publisher before I die - otherwise i'll have to do it in my next life :.)

This a very un-PC question, but what is your religion? Do you have one? What religious principles do you live by? What religious artifacts would a visitor find in your home? - I'm Roman Catholic, and I try to live by the axiom, 'do unto others'. Lots of statues of saints in my home - and rosaries. I collect rosaries.

What artwork hangs in your home? - Portraits of my parents, and a large framed Nancy Drew cover - the Secret of the Old Attic - that's my favorite :.)

What's the title of your book and what's it about? - My latest is EBONY and it's about the supernatural -zombies, to be precise.

What is your website? Where else can people find out more about you? My website addy is

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