Preproduction, Gonzaga’s Nose and Bulletproof Babies

I spent some time today scoping out my location for the book trailer and messing around with lights. I’m hardly any kind of cinematographer, so I wanted time to experiment and test my ideas and make mistakes before I actually have Roxy on set. I’m hoping that way, when it comes time to shoot the real deal maybe I’ll have a little bit more of a clue.

Inspired by Gonzaga’s lovely broken nose from last night’s UFC, I’ve been considering bloodying Roxy up a bit when I toss her in the trunk. In MONEY SHOT, Angel does have a broken nose at that point in the story, but again, I’m going for more of the flavor of the story than a literal representation of the events. Jury’s still out. Thoughts, anyone?

In other totally unrelated news, this cracks me up!

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