I'm about to take my first trip to Alaska--and experience my first Bouchercon. To paraphrase Mel Brooks, "It's good to be a virgin." At least about some things. ;)

That bright, shiny anticipation we used to get over Christmas or birthday presents, the thrill of the first sip of champagne ... even the naive hope that the Sea Monkeys really would have crowns ... all of this is an innocence that gets increasingly marginalized as we experience the world.

So having Alaska AND Bouchercon to look forward to, as well as hooking up with good friends and fellow writers I know only through email and phone--well, that's as good as a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo.

I'm doing a Young Author's track at 3 PM on Wednesday with buds Jordan Dane, Rhodi Hawk and Bill Cameron, my Author's Showcase is Friday at 2 PM (and who knows WHAT I might do!), and our Bad Boys and Naughty Girls panel--about the allure of the Villain--is on Saturday at 9 AM, again with Jordan and Rhodi, and adding Simon Wood and Jason Pinter.

Any and all Crimespace denizens are invited to join the festivities. There'll be plenty of 'em. But bring your own Sea Monkeys--mine are in their throne room. ;)


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