Where to draw the line when it comes to research is always and issue for me. A lot of it doesn’t go in — in the end. But it does help me shape character, setting and plot … and adds texture. It also gives me confidence in writing. I can get carried away though :)

(That’s one of our local Whistler Mounties in the foreground, BTW)

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Comment by carole gill on October 20, 2007 at 7:22am
I agree with you. Also, I don't think too much can be bad. I speak to people (successful some of them), who faked it! Wow! I can't do that. I have books and books on stuff. But you're so right, it does help shape character. For instance, my heroine is a washed up drunk--and I don't even drink! So I got a really good novel called Paradise about this woman who is an alcoholic. should help!

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