Well now for some self emulation my name is Michael Warden. At present I fancy myself as a freelance writer having been writing seriously for the past four years. My first publication, although not a novel as of yet, is a short true story set to be released spring 2008. With a multitude of other prospective projects overcrowding my head. I have developed some great friendships with quite a few other authors, some of whom are award wining published writers with quite a few books, and others who are just about there. In addition to my passion for writing I work fulltime at Disneyland, were else, Security and I have my own business were I create custom conceptual architectural and landscape designs. One more obsession that took a hold of me the past couple of years has turned me into prolific artist. In that I figure I should have always been some sort of an artist instead of a cop. I painted the picture of “Captain Jack Sparrow” that’s in my photos.

A cop you say? Well yes as a matter of fact a federal cop! In my prior life I have well over 19 years accumulative in multiple entities of law enforcement. One entity was with the United States department of defense. I was a federal police officer and sergeant on two separate military instillations and civilian cop for the Irvine Police department. As most cops do I also worked in the security industry from an officer to a manager for many years. While doing all of that I found time to manage a “Big 5 Sporting Goods” store for five years before I jumped ship and tried my hand with CVS Pharmacy. I guess you cold say I am not sure what I want to do when I grow up. I am using this first hand knowledge from these industries to assemble my characters.

I am a lifelong student and have been continuing to further my collegiate achievements for the past twenty plus years. I spend my free time; yes I have some, actively supporting my two wonderful teenage children in their sports and try to stay involved in everything they do. And yes I do give them their space.

I am especially active in my church and throughout the local community volunteering. I am going to be Santa this year and hand out gifts and hugs to kids who are in “CHOC” (Children’s hospital of Orange County).

I was born in 1961 in southern California to an engineer father and administrative mother. I am the youngest of the three children having two older sisters Lyn, and Cynthia. Being a military brat afforded me the opportunity of traveling frequently up and down the coast of California making numerous friends all the while unsuspectingly gaining copious amounts of probable novelist material along the way.

I pledge to bring a well-formed sense of stability and cohesion into writing mystery works of fiction from my various years in the law enforcement industry related communities. I am certain my writings are comprehensive of the direct interaction between the fetid criminals, the unfortunate victims, and the judicial system that punishes them. Presently I live in southern California with my wife Mary and two teenage children, Rebecca and Christopher.

Authors Publications

I am profoundly proud to have publication of my first short story in the book titled “True Blue II”. This story is of a life impacting true event while I worked as a Department of Defense federal police sergeant. Author contributions are from former and current law enforcement professionals. All proceeds from the book sales are given to the families of fallen first responders, police offices, firefighters, and paramedics. Additional stories are planned for forthcoming publication in an online assemblage, as well as other writing venues.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at:

Michael Warden

3162 Bradbury Rd

Rossmoor, CA. 90720

Home mmrcwarden@msn.com

Work Michael.Warden@Disney.com

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