Shoshana Hathaway posted this 5-star review for Collateral Damage on Amazon:

“Austin S. Camacho delivers, once again, in this fast paced impeccably written, Hannibal Jones thriller. This time, we see the more than capable Mr. Jones beset, bothered, bewildered, and even disconcerted. What starts out as a back yard barbecue in his neighborhood turns into one very large domestic abuse issue, and one seemingly simple missing persons case which turns into murder ...and then becomes generational. In order to solve the initial problem, and help a young man out of very serious trouble, Jones and Cindy must first solve a murder from the past, put the pieces of a puzzle together that keep rearranging themselves, and, finally confront a very dangerous and highly trained opponent.

Of course they do, but this time, we are shown that Hannibal Jones isn't a super hero ...he ends up hugging the floor more than once, and is at a loss as to what to do next a few times.

The quality of the book, and this series, in all areas, is impressive. The writing snares you, and wraps you tightly until the author decides to let you free, and even then, you find yourself not *quite* free, because your natural tendency will be, if you are at all like me, to start hunting up the next book. The plot is complicated enough and there is a large enough cast of characters that I found myself getting a bit confused, from time to time, and it took careful thought and a bit of quick note taking to sort out who was who and how they fit in to the story, exactly. Even so, The characters were well and vividly developed, and I had a very strong sense of most of them, even those we know we will never see again.

Now, since I freely admit that Mr. Camacho made my very short list of must read authors a couple of books ago, it will come as no surprise that I highly recommend this book, or that I found it entirely enjoyable. However, I am not so enamored of this series that I give praise when none is warranted ...the book, and the series, stands firmly on its own 2 feet, whatever this one reader thinks or doesn't think.

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