I like to point out books that would make great additions to your library, even if it's your library of electronic files. Today I'd like to tell you about a new Private Eye novel by Newt Love.

I read "No Accounting for Taste," the first Nick Schaevers mystery, a couple of years before it found a publisher. I liked it then (despite the detective's name) and I'm very happy to see that it has found it's way to the public's eye.

In the novel, Nick Schaevers takes on a client who has been convicted of murdering a business partner. To find out who framed his client, Nick isn't above breaking a few laws or putting his own life on the line. The pace is crisp, the villains creepy and the mystery nicely crafted. You'll want to add this to your ebook collection.

Read the first chapter of "No Accounting for Taste" on the publisher's website, then order your copy.


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Comment by Dana King on June 2, 2010 at 12:40am
Thanks for the heads up. I traded emails with Newt a couple of years ago on a topic that escapes me now, but I came away remembering what a gracious and nice man he is. I'll keep my eye open for his book.

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