"A Taste of Old Revenge" by CrimeSpace's Own B.R. Stateham

B.R. Stateham cranks out the kind of volume usually reserved for meat grinders and garage bands. I'm talkin' numbers and intensity. The guy produces more work at a consistently high quality than any crime author I know. So much so that I named his style "red meat crime fiction." Fans know his writing goes well with a cold beer and a burger.


When B.R. told me he's got a new full-length work out, A Taste of Old Revenge, I had to put down the bottle (of Point root beer) and check that mother out. The fertility of B.R.'s mind never ceases to amaze me. First up, here's the video trailer (and speaking of volume, this one goes best with it turned up):


Here's the Amazon description:

Detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, two old pros hailing out of the South Side Precinct, have a couple of vicious homicide cases dumped into their laps. Cases no one else wants to touch. Cases that go back into the past and raise up old specters of hate and revenge.

Their first case has them wondering why a holocaust victim is assassinated while working in the office of his classic car restoration garage. Soon into their investigation they discover the Israeli Mossad has taken an interest, along with the FBI and another secret spy network within the government. When they run across the word ODESSA, suddenly the case takes on a whole new perspective. A very deadly one.

In case number two, the two detectives encounter what at first appears to be a random killing of a convenience store clerk. Deep into the case they discover the victim was a genius who had recently created software to make a computer sentient. And, this same genius was somehow involved in the theft of millions of dollars out of Iraq.

Two tough, perplexing, dangerous cases. For Turner and Frank, it's just another day at the office.


Yeah, that whet my appetite. B.R., you did it again. A Taste of Old Revenge is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other fine e-book retailers.

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