"A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies...you can invent." Blake

In 1892, in Portland, Maine, Maggie Keene's body is found. It appears to be a ritual killing. Her body is severely mutilated.

Deputy Sheriff Archie Lean is the primary investigator. He's assisted by Percival Grey, a brilliant criminalist who is half Indian and a Pinkerton.


The author does a good job in describing the characters but still they don't come across as very sympathetic. Arichie is the exception. He's a family man who's about to have his next child and worries about the size of his home and the economics of a larger family.


Helen Prescott assists in the investigation. She's a historian and expert in the Salem witch trials. As more deaths are discovered, there is a direct tie-in with the Salem witch trials and that is what sets this story apart.


The novel moves slowly as new deaths are discovered and evidence is taken but it all comes together nicely with a dramatic conclusion.

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