Another Fantastic Review of "Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders"

Allan Watson left this fantastic review of Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders on Amazon:

"One of the most enjoyable novels I've read for a while. A tightly focused tale of a moralistic, crusading serial killer using a new designer drug `Bluegrasse' to recruit and enslave a lost-cause junkie to act as his strong right arm when targeting celebrities on his hit list. Ben Sobieck draws a neat parallel between the rampaging killers and the blood-sucking media reporters who parasitically feed upon and drain the life from these self same celebrities. Does one group hold the moral high ground over the other? When the dust settles on this gem of a story it's difficult to say. Deftly written characters with sharp-as-a-tack dialogue, coupled with a real sense of pace. Don't cross the road when this book is motoring towards you. It'll knock you flat on your arse......... and then reverse back over your broken bones to finish the job. "

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Comment by Dana King on April 18, 2012 at 2:02am

No arguments from me. CLEANSING EDEN is all of the above. Highly recommended.

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