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"Throw away the rule book. Hannibal Jones is a complex man with interesting relationships and a job that keeps him on his toes. He is approached by the one of the partners where his girlfriend is an attorney to help find a man. Eighteen years ago he disappeared and now his 18 year old son Kyle is dying of leukemia. His missing father might be the only blood marrow donor match. The catch? Hannibal has less than three weeks to find him.

In a strange, too coincidental turn of events a half-sister to Kyle magically appears, just as someone not related to the family is murdered. Is the half-sister too good to be true? And what is the murdered man's link to the family, if any?

Twists and turns, both expected and unexpected ensue - there is nothing predictable about the way this story unfolds. And that is Camacho's strength with this story. He knows how to create a plausible plot line that is fresh and exciting.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book as I picked it up for free through my Kindle app. Free sometimes means abysmal - but not in this case. I would gladly have paid money for this book, and am now looking forward to reading more of Camacho's books."

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