Coming Soon- Lisa Taylor's "Shana Black-Volume 4- Tensions and Traitors"

Trestle Press and Lisa Taylor will be releasing the fourth installment of her popular “Shana Black series” called “Tensions and Traitors”. It will be available for sale December 11. Look for at Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. Here is the synopsis and author biography.


After the attempted break in at the armory, Shana's team of CIA agents has been searching for the small terrorist group that has infiltrated West Point, and now they may have found them. But when the interrogation goes awry and all but one escape, there's no way of knowing what desperate action the group might take.


During the interrogation one man let slip one name, the name of the man that might have all the answers, the man working from the inside; but can they get to him in time to learn his secrets? Pieces of a puzzle are starting to appear, but Shana's friends are becoming ever more suspicious as she struggles to hold this scheme together long enough to discover the truth.    

 Lisa has served our country in the military,attended West Point, earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in physics, and attended graduate school. Finally, at twenty-three years old, she has found her calling, and she recently began her writing career. Her debut novel,” The Hour of Tiamat”, was released in June 2011, and she is working on a fantasy trilogy as well as a series of short stories. She now lives happily in Kentucky, working in the local library and living with her sister and two beautiful border collies.”


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