Contest Everybody! Lisa Taylor,author of the Shana Black series askes: "Do You Have What it Takes?"

Then we're gonna have ourselves a CONTEST!

The competition begins on Monday, November 21 and ends on Monday December 12th.

Don't wait til Nov 21, ENTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!



Okay, so here's the deal. Shana Black really wants to tell her story...the things she goes through are incredible, and the world needs to know. Unfortunately, between the CIA thing and the West Point thing, Shana Black already has a ton on her plate...


That's where you come in! She can't tell the world all by herself, she needs your help! But Shana is a realist; she knows nothing comes for free.


Thus the Shana Black contest was born! Your job is to promote Shana Black's story. Do you have a facebook account? A blog, twitter or a goodreads account? Well let's put those things to use!




Click this link. Send me all the links or usernames where you will promote Shana Black's stories, and be sure to tell me what type of website they are. For example, you could send me the link to your facebook page and label it "Facebook", your twitter username (being sure to let me know it is for Twitter) and a link to your website labeled "My Site" or "Blog."


A promotion doesn't need to be much, but it does need a link that people can follow to buy Shana Black's stories! You can even copy tweets from my own account (@BlackFire88). Anything that mentions Shana Black's stories and links to her amazon page will do. Remember, having more sites doesn't get you extra points, only how many times you promote Shana Black TOTAL. The more places you promote, the easier that will be!




So, you've filled out my form and begun to promote Shana Black. Now what? Well, I will check all of your sites daily and keep a tally of who promotes Shana Black most often. Here is how I will score.


1 Point for each promotion you do. 
2 Points if you write a review for Shana Black's stories.
3 Points for having bought the Shana Black stories, but not having read them yet. 
5 Points for having read the Shana Black stories 1-3


Here's something to think about. Even if you don't win, I now have your websites and social media links. Like any good follower, when this contest is over and done with, I will still be able to promote your sites, products, or anything else you'd like! If nothing else, you'll gain a loyal follower :)


Now, what everyone has been waiting for....THE PRIZE!!


1st Place: If you have the most points at the end of three weeks,you get a character based off of you in the Shana Black story! This won't just be a small character that gets killed off in one episode. They will get your name and gender, and you can even make them have your personality! Want them to have specific personality traits, or certain quirks or physical traits that will prove to your friends that it really is you? Well, if you win first place, I'll send you an email to alert you of your prize, and you can send me a description as specific as you'd like! I'll even give you credit for your character on! Don't forget though, this character has to fit the story, so they must be at West Point as a cadet, teacher, or for some other believable reason.


2nd and 3rd Place: You get a character named after you in the Shana Black series as well. You don't get to be as specific though. I will name a character after you, but they may not play as major of a role as the 1st place winner. Still, your name will be in an ebook! And don't forget, once the first "Season" of Shana Black stories have been released in ebook form, I plan to compile them and have them published as a printed book! And come one, who doesn't want their name in a book?



  • My twitter account is @BlackFire88. Just retweeting my tweets about Shana Black counts as a promotion, so that's an easy way to get your count up! Make sure you give me your twitter so I can follow you!
  • My Facebook Page: I often post links to reviews, new installments, etc. If you see posts here about Shana Black, sharing them is also a quick way to promote!
  • Please keep in mind that if your facebook security settings won't let me view your facebook page, you will need to friend me if you want to be in the competition. You should friend my personal account,
  • Shana Black’s first installment is for sale at   You can use this link in your promotions.




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