Cover Art Madness, Help Me! Guest Post by Mrs. Gelati

My husband has been going nuts lately with doing the cover art; just nuts .He won’t let me alone:  do you like this font? What about this for artwork? Do you think this grabs the essence of the story? Does this jump out at you? He has a hundred of them, questions I mean. You have to watch what you say around the guy, he turns very innocent things into things that you thought they could never be. The bocce ball thing for example,” I Have Chrome Balls, Don’t You?”. Did you really think of bocce that way? See what I have to put up with?

My point, I have a few. If he is crazy enough to continue like he is, putting up his covers for comment on Facebook and the other social networks, hit him with a few well intentioned comments. Trust me; I give him more than he is willing to listen to before he puts them up. He asks for my opinion right, so I give him my two cents, but usually it is more like a quarters worth, that’s my job, right?

Please try to keep him busy for me. There are a few reasons I ask this of you. First is that it keeps him out of my hair (he just likes to put his head down and get them done, he then asks his questions en mass instead of pulling me over to comment on each individual one) for a while. Second, he seems happier when he is kept busy, and that for me is a great thing. Giovanni not being busy is bad news. He may write another story, God only knows what this time.

I implore you, if you have need of a cover for a new novel, need an old cover spruced up or maybe a fresh look for it, drop the guy a line, give him some work. He works cheap, he works hard, and he cares. I am just looking for some peace and quiet, a gal needs that, or at least a little more piece of mind. Thanks in advance. Sorry almost forgot, here is his email address  , the more you talk to him , the less he talks to me, I like that, what wife wouldn’t?

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