I barely made it out of Europe the weather was so horrid. Torrential
rains in Florence, snowstorms in Germany. Rain and wind in Philly, and
in Albany, ex-wives and now, an ex-girlfriend. Gas is 50 cents more than
when I left a month ago. The indy bookstore at which I'm supposed to
sign first editions of The Remains tomorrow has decided to also book an
ex-local news anchor who self-published a book about doing, well, the
local news. I just went to the store and its full of posters for the
ex-TV anchor. Warning: Be careful being too vocal about becoming an
ebook bestseller. Stay out of the press even when they beg you for
interviews. Don't promote yourself. Be a nobody. Don't get reviewed.
Don't sell. And by all means, avoid attributing much of your your
success to the emergence of the new publishing model.

Why exactly did I leave Italy again?

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