Crimefest Part Three - My publisher's drinks party plus a surprise visitor

It's not everyday I get invited to a publisher's party and when it happened to be my publisher, Severn House, how could I possibly refuse!

Drinks with my publisher followed  the announcement of the shortlist for the CWA Dagger Awards at Crimefest on Friday 20 May. 

Had a fantastic time and while there with my fellow crime writer and panelist, Linda Regan and her lovely husband, the accomplished actor Brian Murphy (Linda is also a fantastic actress) we met up with Paul Barber who had just finished filming for Casualty. He's also been in Coronation Street and many of you will remember and love him as Denzil in the all time great Only Fools and Horses and in The Full Monty.

Paul had a very tough upbringing raised in foster homes, not unlike my fictional character, DI Andy Horton, so it was uncanny really meeting him.  He's also written a very moving book about his experiences, Foster Kid.

Paul Barber, Linda Regan Brian Murphy and Pauline Rowson

Pauline Rowson with Edwin Buckhalter Chairman of Severn House Publishers

Had a lovely time at the party and at Crimefest.  Met lots of very talented crime writers, readers who came from all over the World and budding crime writers. Looking forward to 2012 - the fifth anniversary of Crimefest and what promises to be an exciting crime writing convention.

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