The next two days of posts for me will all be works from authors that reside overseas. I wanted to start off the fun with Darren Sant. His work on this digital short series is nothing short of spectacular. He is able to get down, dirty and into the heads of those that reside on the other side of the tracks. The attitude, the manner, the fabric of what everyday life must be like for these people is laid bare for us the reader in each story. “Rowan’s Folly” is a great example of the talent, ability and scope of this author’s ability: his care and compassion for his characters no matter how hard edged or jaded they are.

This is a multi-layered read that needs to savored and enjoyed, take it slow and have fun with the residents of The Longcroft Estates.

Here is the synopsis:

“An electrician falls for the wrong girl.

Two inept burglars get more than they bargained for.

A gangster is hell bent on revenge.

And it all happens in the sinister, shadowy setting of Darren Sant’s Longcroft Estate.

Rowan’s Folly is the third story in the series and introduces young electrician Andy Rowan, the lusty, lazy, lowlife Cullen clan, and Mark Temple, the Longcroft’s Mr Big.

This critically acclaimed series of short stories brings you tales from the darker side of life, glimpses of the dangerous urban underbelly that exists throughout Britain — if you know where to look. It’s dark, gritty, mean and vengeful, veined with humour as black as dried blood on tarmac.

Are you ready for the Longcroft? Come and have a go … if you think you’re hard enough.

Praise for the second Longcroft Tale Community Spirit:

“The Longcroft Estate and its inhabitants are truly believable. Scary, worrying but sometimes uplifting, these stories are a great read.” – Victoria Watson.

“I have to say I was hooked. "Community Spirit" is the newest in the Longcroft collection and Sant once again succeeds and embodies a moving and realistic storyline and is another triumph for Mr. Sant.” – John Reed.

“Short, but sweet, this tells an entertaining story of community involvement in solving its own problems. Like with the author's other stories, the grit and violence is balanced with a sense of humour.” – Iain Rowan.


“The ending is inspirational and says a lot about what it means to be a part of something special. I love the way this writer seems to find something positive in a place with many shadows.” – Chantal Boudreau.


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