"Dawn, stay away, I'm no good for you." song lyrics

The story opens as a man comes downstaris and gets his morning paper. He's shocked at the headline stating that he and his wife are dead.


After attending a social event the prior night, the man, District Attorney, Jack Keeler and his wife, FBI agent, Mia, are heading home when they're stopped on a bridge. They are ordered from their car and when Jack resists, he's shot in the shoulder, placed back in his car and pushed off the bridge. Mia is kidnapped.

After seeing the story about his death, he examines himself and sees that his shoulder has been stitched and there is a tattoo in a foreign language on his arm. He doesn't remember getting out of the water or the other events.


He gets together with his old partner from his days on homicide in the police force. A man tries to sneak into his home, Jack and his friend stop him but he gets away before he can be questioned.

This is a book with many mysteries. Who kidnapped Mia and how did they arrange it so successfully?


The pacing is excellent and the characters very realistic.


I enjoyed the twists and surprises that the author provided and recommend this book.


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