Digital Short Saturday Matt Williams Death's Memory

This has been a power packed week @ The Scoop and the digital shorts once again helped me shift gears a few times. I really enjoy the short little burst of fun and way they change the momentum of the day. I think
you get the fact I like to read; the weight of full length novels gets to be a
pull and drags on occasion. I really enjoy picking through the pile and
choosing a few of these to lighten the mood. I can see how someone can read
these at the bus or train stop, at their desks, or even dare I say it, in class.
The digital shorts are just too much fun; there are too many choices, too many
worlds and genres to explore and all of it in such a small package.

Matt Williams Death’s Memory is a nice, compact 3020 words of suspense and mystery. Here is his synopsis of the story: ”Panic strikes as a
man wakes to find a dead body - and no answers. Has he been framed? A knock at
the door triggers a series of events threatening to expose the truth...and the
identity of the murderer. “ The story
just seemed to fly by. I just got to meet the main character, I was sucked into
his dilemma very quickly, and then bam, Williams hits us between the eyes with
his conclusion. I felt a connection with the main character (I am not using his
name for a reason, I don’t like to spoil things, just bear with me), and was
amazed how he was able to suck me in in such a short span of time and words.

Death’s Memory is like a quick respite from whatever you are doing. Time and space seem to stop for a few minutes as you go on this journey. I admired his ability to gain my
attention and hold it so dearly for such a short period of time. I knew it was
over, but I wanted more. For me, that is the sign of a good story, it ended and
I was unhappy about it in a good way. I see no reason why you don’t check this
digital short story out, it is free to read, no strings attached. Give this
author his due and see if you think he has the goods. I think he does, and I am
going to check out his sci –fi novel Jax
Phoenix, that is free also. Go to Smashwords, and enter in Matt Williams.

Here are the links:

Matt’s blog-


Death’s Memory @ Smashwords--

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