I have featured Tor in the past and enjoyed his work so much I wanted to read some more. He has a nice package up over at Smashwords that has four digital short stories in it called: Four Felonies and One Very Small Problem. The price to pick up all four is $2.99, not bad for four quality stories. I have featured one already, Starting Over , please check our archives for my thoughts on that. Today I want to concentrate on another digital short in the package, Another Slow Night in Paradise. Oh yeah , before I forget and pass it by, the other stories in the package are, wait, let me do it this way. Here is the blurb from Smashwords:

Like beauty, crime is in the eye of the beholder.... and that's where things can start to go very wrong. This short collection contains five of Tor Richardson's most popular stories, from cases of identity theft to tales of revenge and murder. Titles include "Starting Over," "Another Slow Night in Paradise," "Foreverglades," "My Name is Sue," and the whimsical "Big Enough for Halloween."

I think I have the bases covered on that for now. The digital short for today surprised me in many ways. I was not expecting the plotline, the narrative, or the characters. Basically I was clueless and loved it. Tor Richardson proved to me why I wanted to go back to this well: his ability to transport me to another place and totally immerse me in something I was not ready for. There was no gore, nobody was shot, no one was harmed in any way in this digital short. This is a total 180 from the previous digital short I read of his. Another Slow Night in Paradise displays the author’s ability to create a total story; characters, storyline, place and time in total, in a minimal word count. It has skill, precision and entertainment all in one nice neat package. Here is the synopsis of the digital short:

“Exotic travel and exorbitant fees -- hallmarks of the smooth-talking business consultant. New people, new places, new companies. They make their money and run before anyone learns if the advice was any good, never stopping and always on the move. For one consulting artist, a slow night at a hotel bar leads to an encounter he wasn't expecting and an understanding he may be unable to accept. “

Where to find Tor Richardson online: Website: http://www.torrichardson.com ;

I guess you figured out I learned how to use a few of the tools on the Word document last night, haha, it’s fun. Anyway, if you are like me, and God I hope you aren’t, one of me is enough, reading the digital short stories have gotten to be incredibly convenient. With Google getting into the ebook business it has even gotten to be even more so. Don’t pass this story or this author by. Reading this story on a smartphone or your laptop is quick and fun, and the enjoyment has been multiplied by Tor Richardson offering this package deal, 5 for $2.99 deal. Be bold, I have in this post, my boldness is evident for all to see, go for it and be entertained by Tor Richarson there is no problem with that.

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