EARLY TIMES by J Jay Brighton February Release


     When a antique dealer leases an old bank building in a small northern California town, she’s unaware of the evil that comes with the bank’s gruesome history and what happened there over a century ago.  One day while at an estate auction, Giselle Temprono, owner of Early Times Antiques, discovers a very rare 19th century chandelier once owned by a famous Madame from San Francisco’s notorious Barbary coast. The restored chandelier is hung in the showroom with several other chandeliers from around the world and in different time periods, allowing their provenances to commingle with the bank building’s historical past. Soon after Madame’s arrival, strange things begin to occur at night and Giselle finds herself dealing with a whole new dimension she’s somehow created, allowing the antique’s previous owners who are now deceased to drift back and forth through time to revisit their pasts. She has to come up with a solution to stop these romantic and sometimes violent reunions with each other’s pasts before it’s too late and she’s run out of business.  


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