I've only had the thing a month, and already I'm irritated if I want a book and it has not been "Kindlized". I just found my friends Laura Alden and Hannah Reed on Kindle (MURDER AT THE PTA and BUZZ OFFF, respectively), which is cool.
Living in a very small town, I used to have to make a list and then when I got to a town big enough to have a bookstore, look for books I wanted to read. Often, authors I meet at conferences are with small publishers, so the bookstores would have to order the book. Then I had to wait until I returned to that town to actually get the book. Now I just click "Buy Now" and I do.
I still like wandering through a bookstore to learn about authors and books I have not heard of before, and I always end up buying something. I don't think that thrill is going to disappear soon. There really is no way for mystery lovers to find stuff new to them except that method, and it's a lot of fun to pick, choose and anticipate.
But when you know what you want (and I know Laura and Hannah are going to provide a fun read every time) the click and download method is easy-peasey. And through the entire process, I never once have to put on shoes.

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