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Wish to Hek Reviews: American Vampire, vol. 1

Are you sick of humorous vampire policemen? Have you had enough of romantic vampires with Southern accents?
If your answer is a whole-hearted “yes”, then American Vampire is for you.
American Vampire is about bad
guy vampires, plain and simple. And

American Vampire is brought to us from the folks at Vertigo, illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, and written by Scott Snyder and some guy named Stephen King.

A.V. is filled with great visuals and dialogue from the Old West and the 1920s.

The story is told in two parts. One is the origin story, written by King, of Kid Rock lookalike Skinner Sweet, a no-good, dirty, rotten bank robber with a sweet tooth who crosses an evil vampire banker and is killed and buried after a
bit of vampire blood is mixed with his own.
The town is even flooded by a dam just to make sure he stays
buried. What fun would that be,
though? Of course Sweet rises from his
watery grave as one badass day-walking vampire, more powerful in the sun than
the night-walkers who came before him, and, therefore, a threat to all the
other vampires.

The other half of the story, written by Scott Snyder, is the story of Pearl Jones, a hard working Hollywoodland starlet wannabe who is tricked into becoming dinner for a group of vampires led by a
powerful movie producer. Pearl is saved
from death, however, by Sweet, still alive and well after all of these
years. Oh my God, however, this is the
part where the vampire and the girl would fall in love and buy a house in most
stories, but not here. Skinner Sweet
turns little Pearl into a day-walker like him and walks away, leaving her to
exact her own revenge. He also leaves her a snack: the famous actor who gave
her to the vampires in the first place.

American Vampire is not a romance story in the least but instead is full of action, drama, and horror. And blood, big teeth,
and razor sharp talons. Skinner Sweet is
not the vampire you’d want to have a romance with or have consoling talks
with. He’s a cold blooded killer…the way
a vampire should be. There is a love
story told here, however, between Pearl and some guy with a forgettable name
but the romance is not heavy handed and full of beautiful, sweet, loving
dialogue. The guy, a former marine, even
helps Pearl bring down the vamps who fed on her, even the one who said she tasted
like vanilla and berries. After she
ripped into his throat she said he tasted like something much worse.

At its core, American Vampire is a horror-ific tale of revenge for Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones and they take revenge as only American Vampires could.

If you’re looking for a great vampire read without all the romance, go to the graphic novel section of your favorite bookstore or website and get this book.
The story is amazing and the visuals are top notch. I only wish to Hek that one day I get a
chance to collaborate with any of these talented individuals.

Robert Ford knows a lot about wishes as he is the author of the wishes with an evil twist series, The World of Hek, Book One: Forever and
Christlike.Both are available wherever fine books
are sold and available for your Kindle or Nook at a new, lower price.

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