Graphic Novel Friday Star Trek Countdown

Am I a total geek, a Trekkie, I think not. I saw this and just had to read it. I saw the Star Trek movie in 2009 with Chris Pine & company and really enjoyed it as did many other people. The bad guy Nero,
played by Eric Bana, intrigued me and I had many questions left unanswered by
the movie, this official prequel graphic novel took care of all of them for me,
from a to z, and then some.

Here is a little bit from the afterword “We didn’t expect to ever feel the same anticipation again, but perhaps we can create some for the new fans. That is the intention of this book…to take a ride with a beloved crew
that no one believed could ever match the original, and to pay homage to their
stewardship of a thing called Star Trek. Their journey now takes us back to the
beginning..” and on the back cover there is this” JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex
Kurtzman, Mike Johnson,Tim Jones and David Messina present the origin of Nero,
the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival of the entire

I think I got everything out of the way there. Having read and written all that, I have to say that I can actually enjoy the movie more with a profound sense of knowing why Nero was as Nero is. I fully understand his
motivation now and see why he was so bent on his path of destruction. Anyone
that has viewed the movie would stand to benefit from reading this graphic
novel. The artwork is excellent and the characters’ are drawn just as they were
in the television shows and movies, I enjoyed that touch. The story line is
excellent and fully explains any questions that you may have had after watching
the flic. I am going to add watching the movie again to my list of things to
do, and am sure I will mutter a few,”Ahh , that is why this is happening..”
moments during the viewing. I actually enjoy the Nero character now that I understand
his angsts; he really wasn’t such a bad guy for someone that wants to wipe out
an entire culture. If you are not a Star Trek fan, or a fan of sci-fi, then you
may not get a groove on this graphic novel. You do not have to be a total
insider or have seen the film to enjoy Star
Trek Countdown
, it does stand on its own legs, no matter how many it may

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