Green Pen Writers' Conference, Frankenmuth, MI

So it's almost April (with its shoures soote) and I'm looking forward to the active part of the year. All winter I focused on writing, managing to finish Book #3 of the Simon & Elizabeth series and Book #2 of the Dead Detective series. I'm at work on Book #3, but author appearances are starting to emerge. There were two in March, and from there on, the calendar starts to look like a dartboard, with towns and times scribbled all over the place.

The interesting date this month (April 27-29) is in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a new conference called the Green Pen Writers' Conference. Created by Dark Elf Designs/COM Publishing, the conference promises a wide variety of presenters who will speak on writing fiction, non-fiction, marketing, and publishing.The website description says of the 3 day program: "Conference that covers trends in the field of writing, editing, publishing and marketing. Includes sessions, classes, dinner with keynoter." It's on FB and the website is

I've been invited to present, and it sounds like it will be both interesting and fun.Living in Michigan is great, except that we're kind of an out-of-the-way state. I'm hoping this conference is something that continues in future years, so that Michigan authors, and people from other places as well, find a place to meet and talk about this frustrating but oh-so-wonderful pastime we call writing.

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