Halloween was pretty quiet this year, only had about 100 kids at the door. Usually we had anywhere between 125-150, but the weather was crappy, although my own childhood memories had over 200 kids on the street, and that was even during the year we had the blizzard the day before and I had to wear my snowsuit under my Wolf-Man costume.

While I've been procrastinating on my book-projects, I have been busy with my main blog, which is related to my non-fiction project. For new readers I try to explain how the business of pop culture works, or more than likely, doesn't work.

I've started a new feature where I try to explain those titles you see in the credits, and read about in the entertainment press. First I explained what an Agent does, and tonight I explained the different types of movie producers.

If you're in the mood for a little comedy, I also recently posted some funny, but bizaare British comedyby a comedian named Paul Merton. Brilliant stuff.

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