Hotel Beaumont The Author's Lab/Collaboration B.R. Stateham

B.R. Stateham is a talented and gifted author. His writing style is distinct yet he is able to write in many different genres. In “Hotel Beaumont” he decided to go the action/thriller route with yet another character that seems to be the perfect human weapon. There is a high body count in the digital short story, but he makes it all sound good, it flows, and has the right sense of judgment and execution. His narrative as usual seems to be right on the button. I am not going out on a limb here in saying that for the cost of the download,$.99, you are getting an action packed, totally loaded funfest. Oh yeah , and by the way, there are six other Author’s Lab/Collaborations; check them out and have some more fun. There is plenty of reason there is so much buzz about this series. Here is a little something about the story and the author:

“Hotel Beaumont features author B.R. Stateham ,author of The Call Me Smitty Short Story Series, Death of a Young Lieutenant, Roland of the High Crags:Evil Arises, and Hunter (an improvised digital short story). This is the sixth installment in The Author's Lab/Collaboration series. Stateham's contribution to the series is an amazing character that is as close to a perfect human weapon as one could write: lethal, deadly, intelligent and righteous. Giovanni Gelati to be the good foil he is, appears as a priest in flowing robes. Action, suspense, laughs and all the great stuff you have come to expect from this quality series is here for you. But don't worry, this is not the last one, we are making more, many more.

The name is B.R. Stateham. Yes, I have a face only a mother could love. And I have been accused of having a distinct familial resemblence to a certain man-made Frankenstein critter from Olden Days. Be that as it may, I am a sixty two year old kid who has been married happily to the same wife for almost a quarter-century (bless her tormented soul!). We have three grown kids, five grand kids, two dogs, and a Dodge pickup truck I call 'Baby.'

I like to consider myself a writer. A writer of speculative fiction. My reading tastes run toward Fantasies, Histories, Mysteries, and Science-Fiction. But really, it doesn't matter.

I'll read just about anything. Writing, however, revolves around the four genres mentioned.

I don't know about you, but to me, today's writing seems so blasé. Like tasting vanilla pudding without much vanilla. Clones of clones. Gone, it seems, are the writing styles found in writers like Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett. The two literately created the modern-day hard-boiled detective/cop. Every writer since who has played in this genre has copied, in one way or another, their styles. They brought a life to their words, animating their characters with a living, breathing presence. Today's writers of this genre go for fast paced action, unbelievable plots, and damn little description.

So my goal is to blend the modern with the old; bring more 'color' back into the art of writing--to stimulate the imagination, yet leave free enough room for each reader to paint that verbal portrait all their own. Join me in this endeavor. Let us be stalwart heroes and walk the dark alleys and back streets of murder and mayhem together. Or soar into galaxies unknown in search of adventures unparalleled.

Giovanni "The G-Man" Gelati is the co- author of "Down Low- Dead" with Vincent Zandri, "The Jersey Shore Has Eyes" with Big Daddy Abel", "G.S.I Gelati's Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives" with Thomas White, and "Who Whacked The Blogger" with Benjamin Sobieck, "Thad and The G-Man's Most Awesome Adventure" with Thad Brown and "An In Between The Collaborations" digital short story,"I Have Chrome Balls, Don't You?" . He also has a blog called "Gelati's Scoop" and a blogtalk radio show called "The G-ZONE". He resides in Levittown,Pa. with his very beautiful and understanding wife, eight children, and two grandchildren. “


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