I took a trip on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica, I made a stop. Song lyrics

Eric is an American who owns a bar and damaged hotel in Jamaica. A hurricane damaged his hotel and the water surge separated the land where the hotel is, from the mainland.


One day, Shad, Eric's bartender and right hand man, sees what he thinks is a goat on Eric's island. It turns out to be a girl and Eric rows out to see what she's doing.  The woman, Simone, states that she needs a place of peace and quiet and will pay if Eric will let her stay on the land and get someone to supply groceries.

Simone becomes the talk of the town and two men come to the island with evil intent. Shots are fired and the men scurry home.


Life goes on and Simone's brother arrives to attempt to convince her to return to America.  Then, two outsiders arrive and begin asking about the politics of the village.


The setting is well described and we see Eric become enamored with Simone but nothing really happens in the novel and only by a reach could it be considered a detective novel. I would classify it more as gossib.\

However, the author has talent and provides good dialogue and an entertaining novel

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