ICE - International Community of E-Publishing

ICE - International Community of E-Publishing



  • To recognize and promote work of independent authors, agents, editor, publishers and other e-publishing professionals.
  • To be able to vet outstanding writing and to provide assistance, via connections to other e-pub professionals to help an author produce quality work and product.


  • Open to all participants who are working to produce emedia work.
  • Open to all genres of writing.

Membership Dues: Open for discussion. We will need a way to finance this and possibly offer some type of award of recognition in the future. We will also need funds to promote the work of individual members and support a webpage and email lists, etc.

  • Individual membership - author level  (eBook, eZines only)
  • Individual membership - author level -(eBooks, etc.  printed material)
  • Individual membership - Blogs, Podcasters  and Reviewers
  • Individual membership - editor, agents, based on 3 or more clients
  • Corporate membership - e-publishing business

Award Criteria:

  • Maybe establish protocol like Kindle Book Review? At least 5 reviews, 4-stars or more, before it can be considered.
  • Independent board of readers who will vote on titles (majority rules if it's in or out)? There will always be *some* exclusion
  • Categories based on length: Flash, Short Story, Novella, Novel, Multi-media (Like B.R.'s idea)

Professional Guidelines and Bylaws:  to be developed.

Cross Professional Affiliations: This is something the organization may want to consider. I don't want to be exclusionary to the point of like MWA or Romance Writers. I would rather reach out to these organizations and try to build a case of value for all.

To contact Aldo Calcagno please email:

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