If you face the sunshine, the shadows will always be behind you.

In the near future, cloning is legal. Dr. Davis Moore is a fertility doctor specializing in reproductive cloning.

When his daughter AK is raped and murdered the police investigation stalls. Moore picks up his daughter's belongings from the police and gets a DNA sample. He uses it to clone a child that will grow up to be the replica of his father.


Mickey the Gerund is a religious fanatic who feels he's on God's mission to destroy fertility clinics and kill the doctors who run them. He's dubbed Byron  Bonavarti by the press.


The boy Davis cloned, Justin Finn, grows older and begins to have a strong interest in serial killers in general and Byron Bonavarti in particular and we wonder if he will turn out to be another mass murderer.


The author provides information about the moral and ethical considerations of cloning and the novel is an interesting, if complicated read.

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