Die, Vampires Song
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At a party late one night
Saw this vixen smile at me
She said come up to my room
If there’s more you’d like to see.
Something told me not to
Lust said it had to be

She pulled me into her room
Used a key to lock the door
Started kissing on my neck
Took off all the clothes I wore
When her fangs scratched my neck
My blood began to pour

In the corner stood a broom
Cracked it with my knee in two.
I said vampire back away
Or I’ll thrust this into you.
When she dove to bite me
Did what I had to do

Soon her long fangs disappeared
And she died before my eyes
No one would believe my tale
My own mother says they’re lies
Judge he told the warden
Lock him up til he dies.

Now the vampires want revenge
Say they’ll get me in my cell
I keep weapons next to me
Where they’re hidden I won’t tell.
Waiting for the vampires
I’ll send them straight to hell.

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